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The analysis- and testing environment for CAN (FD), LIN and Automotive Ethernet












CanEasy is a Windows-based development tool that can be seamlessly integrated into any existing tool chain. It is easy to use without programming knowledge, highly automated and expandable with the help of plug-ins.
This tool not only facilitates software development, testing, diagnosis and analysis. Development teams also benefit from its efficiency and ease of use.
CanEasy can be used throughout the entire development process, from testing to commissioning.


With CanEasy, users simulate the messages and signals of non-existent ECUs. In addition, the software integrates real ECUs into a common environment. Simulated and real ECUs then communicate with each other.
The values of all (CAN-)signals can be monitored and changed during ongoing communication via automatically generated panels.


With the diagnostic function of CanEasy the user can check the functionality of the control units (automated).
CanEasy supports the protocols UDS and KWP2000 and can import CANdela-Studio (CDD), ODX and PDX files.

Diagnostic services or individual parameters can be added to the RichPanel via drag&drop to create user-defined views.

The error memory window is a powerful user interface that reads and lists decoded Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC).



RichPanels are attractive graphic panels. They represent and control any kind of data.
RichPanels display both simple and complex scenarios. This is made possible by a variety of provided controls that can be inserted via drag & drop.

An integrated development environment makes it possible to customize the elements individually.

There are no limits to the design of the RichPanel.


With CanEasy in the Loop, status data from a target system can be continuously recorded and displayed. It is not only possible to analyze a snapshot of the current status, but also the complete schedule.


The Automation & Testing Suite (ATS) is a test tool for automotive software, especially for AUTOSAR. A large number of possible tests can be performed without real hardware. As usual, the user must define test cases and scenarios independently in order to perform white box tests.

In combination, ATS is a test extension for CanEasy, where the user can already perform black box tests.
The advantages of both tools together enable a highly automated test coverage that includes the target system.


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High automation degree

Automatable via scheduler and API.
No time-consuming setup or programming.


Configuration of individual requirements via drag & drop. Flexibly expandable by simple programming of plug-ins


Supports standard programming languages such as C++, C#, VB.Net and VBA.


Import of Vector files.


Supports a variety of hardware adapters.


CanEasy helps to comply with software quality standards.

Licence model

Attractive licence models and prices.


  • Automated interaction layer
  • Import of communication matrix
  • End-to-end communication
  • Modulator and arithmetic functions


  • Record and replay function
  • Trigger and alarm functions
  • Busload and cycletimes
  • Plots and traces


  • Automated tests
  • Scheduler tables
  • Access to all signals via generated panels and editors


  • Supports UDS and KWP2000
  • Import CDD, ODX and PDX files
  • Fault memory
  • Record and creation of service parameters


  • Attractive graphical RichPanels
  • Representation and control of any kind of data
  • Integrated development environment (IDE)


  • Supports a wide range of hardware adapters for different bus systems


  • CANoe panels
  • Conversion of CAPL projects into CanEasy plug ins
Download our info materials as PDF file:
          Infobroschüre CanEasy
          Flyer RichPanels
          Flyer Diagnose
          Flyer CanEasy in the Loop
          Flyer ATS

Hardware adapters supported by CanEasy: